2013 Mid America’s Strongest Man Write Up and Videos

me stone 2This past weekend, I competed in the 8th Annual Mid America’s Strongest Man.  The contest was put on by Aaron Molin and his staff at Core Fitness Club in Mooresville.  Here’s how it went:

260lb Axle Clean And Press, 180lb Dumbell Clean And Press, 300lb Log Clean And Press, 250lb Keg Clean And Press For Time

In training, I had been continentalling the axle assuming the weights I would be using would be fixed and non-revolving.  At the show, we actually had regular collars which allowed me to clean the weight easily.  The dumbbell hit me in the back of the head on the way up causing me to lose control of it and having to drop it and try it again.  The log and keg went up easily, but bobbling the dumbbell cost me about 4 or 5 seconds and the event win.  2nd Place.

300lb Husafell Stone For Distance

I think I took it 210 feet, which isn’t that great but good enough for 2nd on the event.

305lb Per Hand Farmers’ Walk, 700lb Chain Drag Medley

I didn’t get my hands set like I usually do and stumbled when the walk started.  This caused me to immediately lose my grip.  I was holding on by my fingertips until about halfway down and had to set the handles down to regrip.  Tried to make up time on the drag back, but lost by about 7 seconds.  2nd Place.

35 – 60lb Keg Toss Over 12 Foot Bar

I was able to throw the first two from where they sat.  After that, I had to walk them to the bar.  I almost got decapitated by the 55lb keg.  2nd Place.

400lb Stone Over Bar

This event was originally scheduled to be a series of stones, but they had an equipment malfunction and had to change it.  I managed 1 rep, which was a huge PR for me!

In all, I’m very pleased with the stone load, but need to get better at not making the mistakes like I made in two of the events.  With Nationals coming up, there’s no room for error!

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