Negative Self Talk – What is it good for?


At our gym, we set measurable goals to help keep clients on track and working toward something tangible. Most of our adult clients have fat loss goals. Because of this, we measure their body fat percentages about every 8 weeks. Whenever measurements come around, without fail I hear, “oh man, already? I don’t even want to know” or “I’m so nervous; this could be either really bad or really good” or even worse, “This could ruin my day.”  I’ve seen clients nearly in tears to turning cartwheels (yes, literally) in the gym, solely based on the calipers.

Meet October’s Client of the Month – Terri!

Terri Henderson


What made you initially choose Nunn’s Performance Training?

I met Jason several years ago when he was with Fitness Experts. I believe they had a booth set up at a function through Hendricks Regional Health. At that point in time, I was on the “fast food diet track”, still had the “baby weight” (plus more) two years after having my daughter, and was tired and sluggish. My blood pressure was starting to increase. Something had to change. He set up an individualized training program, and it wasn’t long before I saw meaningful results.  Working out became part of my new routine.

10 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Training


Here’s ten things you can add to your current training to continue making progress and avoid injury.


1.  Add in some grip training.

In most pulling movements; like deadlifts, pullups, and rows, grip can be the limiting factor.  We usually incorporate rows and chin ups with Fat Gripz and thick bar horizontal pullups for extra grip training.  Adding some grip training will improve most of your pulling movements, but it can also be very tough to recover from.  So, doing it the day before deadlifts may not be a great idea.

2.  Groove your squat pattern.

Our clients perform some sort of squat every time they lift.  It could be anything from a bodyweight or PVC overhead squat in warm ups to goblet squats to back squats.   The more you practice these, the less you’ll have to worry or think about technique while doing a heavy lift.

Easy Tips to Find Motivation


Staying motivated is at least half the battle when it comes to staying active. If your brain isn’t on board, it is hard to make the body follow suit. Thankfully, there are some easy steps you can take to make that workout seem a little less (mentally) daunting.

  1. Just put your shoes on

And while you’re at it, walk out the door.  Just do it. Stop hemming and hawing, stop thinking, stop justifying.  If you spent half the energy getting out of a workout into the workout instead, you’d already be another day ahead.

2.  Set Realistic goals

And make them measurable. Goals such as “I want to walk 10,000 steps” or “I want to lose 20 pounds” or “I want to strength train 3 days a week” are all good, measurable goals. If you have a nebulous goal, it’s hard to create a concrete plan how to achieve it. Once you set your goal, write it down somewhere! Or, likewise, sign up for that race or event. Get it on the calendar and you’re less likely to blow it off.

Meet September’s Client of the Month – John!

John Hackett


What made you initially choose Nunn’s Performance Training?

I was a little skeptical when my wife Sherri said she joined a gym. I figured she would lose interest within a month. However, she stuck with it and was getting the results! I was struggling with my Military Physical Training Scores, usually in the low- to mid-70 range; barely passing. So, I thought I would give this so-called gym a try – preparing myself for the usual “my muscles are bigger than your muscles, lift this puny weight a thousand times, okay good workout, now pay me.” But no! Everybody at Nunn’s gym is like family to me now.

What have your accomplishments been so far?

My energy level has increased ten-fold and I’m looking forward to competing in new challenges.

Fall Fun with Food!

Fall Food


Fall is in the air…the cooler weather brings with it happy memories and feelings of excitement especially when we get together with friends and family for good food, conversation and football! As the weather changes bringing with it invitations for barbecues, tailgates and parties – it’s important to remember the food served at these events can sometimes keep us from meeting our fitness goals (but they don’t have to!).   Here are a few ways to keep your diet in check while still enjoying friends and family.

Ten Common Mistakes I See People Make In The Gym

I’m about to enter my 11th year in the industry (woah).  Given this ,  I seen about every mistake a person can make in the gym.  Here’s a list of the ten most common ones that tend to hinder people’s progress.

1.  More Is Better

Quite frequently I have people come in the gym who want ask “Can I train every day?”  The answer is typically a resounding no.  Their thought process is that if three days per week is good, then 7 days per week must be awesome!  I will inform them that their body needs to recover properly.  You don’t get better by working out; you get better by recovering from working out.

Work + Rest = Success

And yes, I know competitive weightlifters train up to 13 times per week.  You aren’t them.

Meet August’s Client of the Month – Tim!

Tim Bullen


What made you initially choose Nunn’s Performance Training?

I had taken advantage of the free sessions offered when they were affiliated with a different gym, and enjoyed the workouts, but at the time wasn’t quite ready to give it a shot. Several months later, I noticed a decline in health and realized I needed a change and so I went back to Nunn’s and haven’t looked back!

What have your accomplishments been so far?

My biggest one has been changing my health to a degree that I no longer am a type 2 diabetic! I can honestly say single handedly that it was from working out at Nunn’s. I was controlling my diet but it wasn’t enough. Working out dropped my blood sugars back to where they should be.

How has your success in the gym impacted your daily life?

I have more energy and strength throughout the day!

Meet July’s Client of the Month – Dana!

Dana Schultz

What made you initially choose Nunn’s Performance Training? 

Before I started going to Nunn’s I was working out at another gym. I felt very lost in the gym and didn’t really know what I was doing, I also wanted to make sure my form was right to avoid any injuries.

What have your accomplishments been so far? 

I have been getting stronger every week and my diet has been much better now.

How has your success in the gym impacted your daily life? 

My success in the gym has impacted my daily life by making me feel more confident and I have a better self image.

 What are your future fitness goals?

I hope to be able to do a powerlifting competition and be strong for my size.


A Different Reason To Exercise


Here’s a list of some of the more popular reasons to exercise:

  1. Help to prevent the onset of Type II diabetes
  2. Helps maintain weight loss
  3. Boosts HDL or “good” cholesterol
  4. Decreases triglycerides
  5. Helps to prevent strokes
  6. Helps to prevent certain types of cancers
  7. Improves sleep
  8. Improves sex life
  9. Improves cognitive function

Given this, Why do people quit?

The latest IHRSA stats show that 30% of fitness goers drop out in the first six weeks.  An average gym will only 13% renew of their members from year to year (NPT renews 84% – and that includes athletes who go off to college and/or move away).  It’s my opinion that most of these failures are the result of a failing business model of renting equipment – by that, I mean pay a monthly fee to use equipment, buyers remorse from high pressure sales, and not getting the results because these gyms hire unqualified trainers with online certifications who give out cookie cutter programs.