Meet September’s Client of the Month – Emily!

Emily Fabiano

What made you originally choose Nunn’s Performance Training?

I chose Nunn’s because my mom, Connie who is a firefighter/paramedic, worked out there and I saw how strong and in shape she was. She doesn’t go to just anyone for training so I knew I would be in awesome hands with Jason and Kristin. I also have back issues and I knew strengthening my core and back was vital to my overall health and important since I stand all day at my job.


What have been your accomplishments so far?

My accomplishments so far at the gym are I have broken the chin up record for 14 and also have the pull up record at 12 if Dana hasn’t beat me yet! Ha!


How has your success in the gym impacted your daily life?

My success at the gym has impacted my daily life by making feel more confident and strong. I don’t think there is a better feeling than being a STRONG woman!!

Top 3 Questions I’m Asked When People Find Out I’m a Trainer


The conversations usually start off nice enough. You meet someone new, they ask you what you do and then the questions start coming. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate people being interested enough to ask beyond, “what do you do?” But seriously when I’m at a party or on vacation, the details of your diet or my workout are the last thing I want to talk about. Here are the top 3 things I’m regularly asked when people find out I’m a trainer.

  1. Oh you’re a trainer! Do you, like, workout every day?

Meet August’s Client of the Month – Laury!


What made you initially choose Nunn’s Performance Training?

Brian and Susie Singer recommended Nunn’s to me.


What have your accomplishments been so far?

My initial goal was to get in better shape and lose weight.  I have accomplished this so far but have more work to do.


How has your success in the gym impacted your daily life?

I feel better physically, as well as eliminated some of my back pain issues that I have had for a number of years.


What are your future fitness goals?

Same as my original goals, continue to get in better shape and lose weight.

So you want to do a pullup? Here’s how.

To me, pullups are one of the best exercises for developing back size and strength.  They are a staple in our programming for both kids and adults.  But what if someone can’t do them?  Does that mean they are doomed to be small and weak?  Absolutely not! Here’s the progressions we use to get people better and pulllups:

1.  Lose weight – Very rarely will you ever see a male over 20% bodyfat or a female over 25% be able to do a pullup.  Having extra fat just means you’re having to move excess weight.

2.  Banded chinups (supinated grip)/Banded pullups (pronated grip) – For this one, we place a band around the J-Hooks of the squat rack and stand on it while pulling up to the bar.  I do this, instead of looping it around the chinup bar because it is easier to adjust the height of the band.  It prevents the athlete’s shoe from getting caught in the band while exiting the rack.  It’s really important in all of these exercises to squeeze the shoulder blades together in the back.  It shouldn’t look like you’re doing a crunch at the top.

Sports Injuries Happen – Here’s How To Deal With Them

“Success is not final.  Failure is not fatal.  It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

Strength Training Avon

It Happens

Let’s say you compete in a sport.  This sport can range from team sports like football, soccer, or basketball to individual sports like wrestling, powerlifting, weightlifting, or fitness.  You really enjoy the camaraderie of your teammates and competitors.  You really like training your ass off to be the very best you can be at your chosen sport.  You also really like the aesthetic, strength, and conditioning improvements that are an added bonus to training for your sport.   You’re passionate about it and have very lofty goals.  It’s part of your identity.

Meet June’s Client of the Month – Machelle!

Machelle Snyder - June15


What made you initially choose Nunn’s Performance Training?

My friend from church, Amanda Aspling, is basically the marketing and PR head for Nunn’s (HA!)!  I saw all her FB posts and I had already decided I needed to make a lifestyle change.  I made a nutrition change but had not started any workouts/training so I decided to give Nunn’s a shot due to her major enthusiasm and happiness with her results and the trainers.

What have your accomplishments been so far?

I have shed weight and inches and can feel my strength and stamina skyrocketing!!!

How has your success in the gym impacted your daily life?

I feel SO much better in general.  My confidence and esteem are at a high they have not been at in years.  Playing with my son is less straining.  I just feel like I can do so much more and have so much more energy.

What Rep Range Should I Use?

I get asked all the time “What rep range should I use?”  I usually answer this with a tongue in cheek “Yes”.  I think most people get stuck in the rut of thinking they must use a certain rep range to achieve a certain goal.  bodybuilders need to do high volume and powerlifters need to do singles and triples.  That’s the ‘rules’ right?  Well those rules aren’t exactly wrong, they’re just not the best answer for long term success.

Strength Training

Before we go any further, let’s talk a little about General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS).  GAS is a term used to describe how the body handles stress.  Yes exercise is a stress, and your body is very good at adapting to it. The body will use hormones to restore itself to homeostasis in response to the stress.

Meet May’s Client of the Month – Jason!

Jason Trent

What made you initially choose Nunn’s Performance Training?

I had a friend working out there and he recommended Nunn’s. I was looking to get back in shape and decided to try it out.

What have your accomplishments been so far?

I’ve lost weight, increased my endurance and increased my strength. I also competed in my first power lifting meet in March and hit some new PR’s.

How has your success in the gym impacted your daily life?

I have way more energy to take care of the day to day tasks. I’m less winded chasing my kids around and playing.

What are your future fitness goals?

My goal for next year’s meet is to squat 400, deadlift 430, and bench 240. I also want to keep losing weight and body fat while increasing my strength and endurance.

Meet April’s Client of the Month – Misty!

Misty Cramer

What made you initially choose Nunn’s Performance Training?


Fun and success is why I chose Nunn’s.  I heard about the Fitness Challenge a few years ago and decided to participate.  The tire flipping and other events were so much FUN.  After that, I did the 3 free training sessions. Jason corrected my form on deadlift and squat which helped my knees.  I realized that Jason was more than the average trainer, he had actual credentials.  He has a master’s degree in physical education. His knowledge is evident when he coaches me on injury prevention and how to get stronger. FUN initially got me in the door. The success, continued fun, and community atmosphere keep me here.


What have your accomplishments been so far?


All of my lifts have shown improvement. I’ve competed in local strongman events and powerlifting events.


10 Active Outdoor Activities That You Can Do This Weekend

Canoe Trip aug14


August 2014 Nunn’s Canoe Trip

Spring has finally come! Wahoo!! While the weeds start to thrive and other green plants start to poke up from the ground, it’s time to remember what fresh air smells like. Leave your Netflix bingeing for another rainy day; it’s time to get outside! Here are a few ideas to get you moving and out the door.

  1. Gardening. Yeah, those weeds I mentioned above? They’re seriously starting to grow and now is the best time to get at them. Grab your gardening gloves and a trowel and play my personal favorite springtime game: “Is it a weed or a plant that I planted last year and forgot about?”
  2. Hiking. Go to a local or state park and enjoy the smell of the woods and the soft earth underfoot. Challenge yourself to tackle a big hill while you’re taking in your beautiful surroundings. Skip some stones and find a walking stick for good measure.