10 Active Outdoor Activities That You Can Do This Weekend

Canoe Trip aug14


August 2014 Nunn’s Canoe Trip

Spring has finally come! Wahoo!! While the weeds start to thrive and other green plants start to poke up from the ground, it’s time to remember what fresh air smells like. Leave your Netflix bingeing for another rainy day; it’s time to get outside! Here are a few ideas to get you moving and out the door.

  1. Gardening. Yeah, those weeds I mentioned above? They’re seriously starting to grow and now is the best time to get at them. Grab your gardening gloves and a trowel and play my personal favorite springtime game: “Is it a weed or a plant that I planted last year and forgot about?”
  2. Hiking. Go to a local or state park and enjoy the smell of the woods and the soft earth underfoot. Challenge yourself to tackle a big hill while you’re taking in your beautiful surroundings. Skip some stones and find a walking stick for good measure.

Meet March’s Client of the Month – Jennifer!

Jennifer Schrum2

What made you initially choose Nunn’s Performance Training?

 I was training a lot but doing mainly cardio specific activities.  I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted and some good friends said they had a fantastic trainer that focused on making you stronger.  I came to the 4th of July boot camp and loved the program and knew that I will get the muscle tone I needed if I worked out there.

What have your accomplishments been so far?

My body fat percentage has gone down a lot. I am now in the “high performance athlete” category, which I love. Mainly, it is my overall feeling.  I leave feeling powerful.  I have more energy and endurance in my everyday activity.  When I started back to running and training for the Mini-Marathon as well as the Spartan and Warrior dash, I have found it a lot easier to get through those. 

Thirty Three Random Thoughts, Quotes, and Ramblings

This month marks the 33rd time I’ve made the trip around the sun.  To commemorate it, I figured I’d give you 33 random thoughts, quotes, and ramblings.  Here they are:

1.  We don’t just die once; we actually die three times.

This is more of a philosophical idea than a physiological fact.  I’m not sure where I first read this, but the idea is that when you die you actually die three times.  The first time is when your heart and breathing actually stop.  You are clinically dead.  The second time is when you are seen the last time.  This is usually at the hospital or funeral home.  The third death, the most important one in my opinion, is when your name is spoken the last time.  This is a product of how much influence you had on the world.  Think about this one.  Most people’s names die out within a couple generations, but the one’s who made a big impact are spoken about for centuries.  A big goal of mine is to always leave a lasting, positive impact on the ones around me.

Meet February’s Client of the Month – Amanda!


What made you initially choose Nunn’s Performance Training?

I decided to train at Nunn’s Performance after seeing a family member’s results from the gym.  I had been training for while myself, and trying multiple things, but I wasn’t seeing the results that I felt I should.

What have your accomplishments been so far?

Where to start?  Being 5 foot on a good day, it shocks me that I am now training for a power lifting competition, deadlifting 200 pounds, training with heavy weights. Let’s just say that I thought NONE of this was possible.

How has your success in the gym impacted your daily life?

I am now comfortable in my own skin; I’ve always struggled with confidence and I am now working hard, seeing results, and am actually proud of myself.

How to Embrace the Walking Break



I know it’s only February but spring and summer races are just around the corner. It’s time to get started with training! Whether you’re running your first 5k or your 50th marathon, walking breaks can be advantageous to any runner.  I’ve been a fan of the walk/run for a long time; I find it more maintainable and enjoyable than just slogging away miles and forcing myself to not slow down.  I’m always a little disappointed to hear when someone is “so embarrassed” about having to take a walking break. Just because you’re walking some doesn’t mean you’re not a runner! Here are a few ways to embrace the walk:

  1. Know that doing walk/run intervals can make you faster overall. By allowing your legs to rest and recharge while walking, you can inject more energy into your run intervals. This time also allows you to recover your breathing and heart rate. Most of the time when I run/walk I end up around the same pace I would be if I ran the whole time.

Meet January’s Client of the Month – Chris!


What made you initially choose Nunns Performance Training?

The desire to improve my performance in the big 3 lifts –  Squat, Bench and Deadlift – while improving my body composition.

What have your accomplishments been so far?

All three lifts have gone up as indicated by improvement in my 3, 5 or even 8 rep weights. Total improvement won’t be realized until the powerlifting meet this coming April, 11th. What I can say for sure is that from May 1st when I joined the gym to my last measurements done on Oct. 25th my bodyweight has stayed at 200.5 but my body fat has gone from 16.1% to 9.91%.  In short, my pants fit better.

How has your success in the gym impacted your daily life?

Success in the gym gives me most of my positive attitude and can keep me upbeat through the workday.

Meet December’s Client of the Month – Jill!

Jill Wasson


What made you initially choose Nunn’s Performance Training?

I found Nunn’s by using Groupon. I was excited to find a business that provided training near Avon. It also didn’t hurt that it was a great deal! As a member of a larger gym, I always felt intimidated and overwhelmed. Being a runner and having run a few half-marathons, I would use the treadmill and that was about it. I wasn’t having much luck losing weight and I wanted to work on gaining strength and muscle tone. I knew I couldn’t accomplish that on my own. After my Groupon was finished, I went back to my other gym and fell right back to my same treadmill routine. I couldn’t wait to get back to Nunn’s and continue lifting weights. I really missed Nunn’s a ton (especially Jason….because we all know how awesome he is!).

What I’ve Learned Post-Injury


Nearly a year ago I dislocated my shoulder while training. Thankfully, this has been the worst injury I’ve had to recover from at this point in my life. While it was initially hard to change my mentality of ‘where I was’ physically, I learned a lot about the whole recovery process, both physically and mentally.

Healing takes TIME… And plenty of it. For someone who is active, this was the hardest fact to deal with. I could do very little in the way of exercising so I had to adjust to a new normal. Granted, it made goal-setting for 2014 very easy! However, it was nearly 5 months before I could lift my arm above head again. I hurt for months but slowly, slowly it hurt less and could move more. Progress week to week was slow, and sometimes non-existent, but overall made improvements by the months. It was helpful to try to “see the forest instead of just the trees” when it came to healing.

Meet November’s Client of the Month – Steve!

Steve Ernst


What made you initially choose Nunn’s Performance Training?

Prior to joining Nunn’s Performance Training, I was working out intermittently at another gym and I felt that my lifting form was less than desirable.  I was looking for a trainer to work on my lifting form and challenge me.  The minute I walked into Nunn’s Performance Training, I knew that I found a knowledgeable staff and intense gym.

What have your accomplishments been so far?

I am in better shape now than I have been for many years, the strongest ever, and lifting form getting better all the time.  I have been at the gym for over 1 year consistently and I hit new personal bests frequently.

How has your success in the gym impacted your daily life?

I have increased energy throughout the day and my years of chronic neck pain are gone.

Avoiding the Holiday Stretchy Pants



The holidays are right around the corner!  Whether you are ecstatic about eating your Grandmother’s famous homemade noodles and mashed potatoes or dreading the pumpkin pie that you know you can’t help but consume even though you are trying to stick to a program, there are a few simple rules that can help you keep yourself in control while allowing you to enjoy some of your favorite holiday foods!

The first rule of thumb is to eat 1-2 hours before attending holiday parties.  Have a protein and veggie packed small meal before leaving your home.  This will help you avoid snacking!  It’s nothing for individuals to consume between 2,000 and 3,000 calories during a holiday meal, but doing that along with snacking on plates of cheese and crackers (or other tasty not-so-spectacular foods) can increase that number drastically.  Another simple way to keep away from sneaking those bites of food is to stay out of the room they are occupying.  Most family and friend holiday get-togethers I have attended have food items in one area.  Stay out of that room!  If you must walk into it before dinner is served, walk straight through. Don’t stop to survey and under no circumstances should you ever congregate to visit in that room!