The Pregnant Lifter – Second Trimester Edition

preg deadlift

As a reminder up front: I am not a doctor nor do I pretend to be one. I simply wanted to share my experience during this crazy pregnancy roller coaster and trying to stay strong. If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, make sure you discuss your exercise options with your doctor.


Ahh, the “magical” second trimester: where you’re supposed to have more energy, less nausea and overall feel less like you’re always ready for a nap and more like your everyday self.

…”supposed to” being the operative word there. Overall, yes, I have a little more energy and a little less nausea. However, I seem to be one of the lucky few that will have regular nausea and vomiting until the end. That being said, I’ve managed to remain active on most days.

So what’s changed on the workout front?

Meet Our Client of the Month for February – Dustin!

Dustin Spencer - Feb16

What made you originally choose Nunn’s Performance Training?

My workout routine prior to coming to NPT was primarily cardio based because I didn’t know where to begin with weight lifting. I was looking for a gym where I could get a personalized workout from experienced trainers that kept me interested and motivated and got visible results.

What have been your accomplishments so far?

I’ve learned a lot about weight lifting technique and I continue to get stronger and improve my numbers almost every week.

How has your success in the gym impacted your daily life?

I used to waste a couple extra hours each day sleeping in and then dreading going to the gym in the evening after work. Now I have gotten into a routine of getting up at 5:15 a.m. and look forward to getting in a good workout early in the day.

4 Things I’ve Learned in 4 Years


USAPL Meet December 2015


I just celebrated another year in the industry at a gym I love. I have learned a lot in the last four years, here are some of the highlights.

  1. Education is important but there’s no teacher like experience. I have a BS degree, have done several certifications and conferences and have read a lot over the last few years. I have learned a lot from those experiences. However, I learned more of the nitty gritty details and how to actually BE a trainer by being in the gym myself, with clients, and with other trainers. That’s when I really learned to think on my feet, adjust programs appropriately and on the fly, and create an atmosphere where people want to be. I wasn’t afraid to ask questions or say “I don’t know” but I did my best to find out. I’ve also learned that talking with other professionals in the field can be immensely helpful. Whatever problem I may be running into has been seen before by many and usually other trainers are there with solid advice; a win for me, my client and the profession as a whole.

Meet January’s Client of the Month – Amanda!


What made you originally choose Nunn’s Performance Training?

I was ready for a change! I started to get bored with exercise, really bored. It was becoming too easy for me to find an excuse to skip the gym and later feel guilty about it. I had always been kind of a “cardio girl” with the main objective of seeing a low number on the scale. I would go to the gym my 4-5 times a week, hop on the elliptical for 35mins, piddle around with very low weights, kind of just doing with I saw others doing, and call it a day. I would have never imagined going into the gym and doing most of the exercises I do here especially with the weights I’m using so far.  I excel in structured, goal oriented environments. That is what makes this place such a great fit for me.

Meet December’s Client of the Month – Jill!



What made you originally choose Nunn’s Performance Training?

Well it was Connie Laws, Emily Fabiano and my husband Jimmy that were the instigators. It was evident by the progress they had made.

What have been your accomplishments so far?

After 5 months of recovering from a surgery I became a person I didn’t like anymore, Nunn’s has given me my mind, body and soul back.

How has your success in the gym impacted your daily life?

Great! I like myself again J

What are your future goals?

To carry on, there is always room for improvement.

Meet November’s Client of the Month – Joshua!



How did you originally hear about Nunn’s Performance Training?

My dad was working out there, and I was interested in strength training and working out with my dad.


What have been your accomplishments so far?

I have become faster, stronger and more agile.  I have realized that working hard has rewards both on and off the soccer field.


How has your success in the gym impacted you on and off the field?

I am now faster than most other players, and I can knock other players off the ball easier.  I don’t get caught flat footed as often as before when playing defense.


What are your future goals?

I want to double my body weight on deadlift, front squat my body weight, and do chin-ups.

Top 3 Questions I’m Asked When People Find Out I’m a Trainer


The conversations usually start off nice enough. You meet someone new, they ask you what you do and then the questions start coming. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate people being interested enough to ask beyond, “what do you do?” But seriously when I’m at a party or on vacation, the details of your diet or my workout are the last thing I want to talk about. Here are the top 3 things I’m regularly asked when people find out I’m a trainer.

  1. Oh you’re a trainer! Do you, like, workout every day?

Meet August’s Client of the Month – Laury!


What made you initially choose Nunn’s Performance Training?

Brian and Susie Singer recommended Nunn’s to me.


What have your accomplishments been so far?

My initial goal was to get in better shape and lose weight.  I have accomplished this so far but have more work to do.


How has your success in the gym impacted your daily life?

I feel better physically, as well as eliminated some of my back pain issues that I have had for a number of years.


What are your future fitness goals?

Same as my original goals, continue to get in better shape and lose weight.

Meet July’s Client of the Month – David!

David DL2

What made you initially choose Nunn’s Performance Training?

I needed a coach for Special Olympics, and I wanted to continue working out through the year and possibly compete in standard competitions.

What have your accomplishments been so far?

Since joining Nunn’s I have lost approx 20 pounds!  At this year’s Special Olympics competition I took all four gold medals and increased the weight in all my events.

How has your success in the gym impacted your daily life?

In my daily life I have seen an improvement in my stamina.  I also have more energy and feel better about myself.  I am doing better and taking care of my body and slowly making changes in my eating habits.

What are your future fitness goals?

Overall I want to continue improving my health.  I would like to build enough muscle and lose weight so I can look like a body builder.

Sports Injuries Happen – Here’s How To Deal With Them

“Success is not final.  Failure is not fatal.  It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

Strength Training Avon

It Happens

Let’s say you compete in a sport.  This sport can range from team sports like football, soccer, or basketball to individual sports like wrestling, powerlifting, weightlifting, or fitness.  You really enjoy the camaraderie of your teammates and competitors.  You really like training your ass off to be the very best you can be at your chosen sport.  You also really like the aesthetic, strength, and conditioning improvements that are an added bonus to training for your sport.   You’re passionate about it and have very lofty goals.  It’s part of your identity.