4/14 and 4/15/2014 Bench, First Deadlift Back, and Conditioning


Bench Press/Facepulls x 10



395×4 – wanted 5 here, next week…

Horizontal Pullups/Tricep Pushdowns

45lbs /Average Band x 5 x 10

Conditioning – otherwise known as energy system development or metabolic conditioning for you fancy folk

Kettlebell Tabata

70lb Kettlebell

Right Arm Swings

Left Arm Swings

Goblet Squats

Right Arm Push Press

Left Arm Push Press

Two Arm Swing – add average band

Two Arm Swing – add average band

Goblet Squat



This was my first deadlift back from injury, so I just loaded up the bar with light weight and did a few reps.  I’ll gradually add weight over the next five weeks.

Worked up to an easy 315×10

4/10/2014 Injury Update And Training Moving Forward

As some of you may know, I sustained 11 stress fractures in my left tibia in training for the Arnold.  Here’s two things I learned from this experience:

1.  Get smarter with your training – Training with pro level weights week in, week out worked for 25-year-old Jason.  Not so much for 32-year-old Jason.  I need to learn to block my training off better.

2. Don’t ignore pain – It doesn’t just go away.  Trust me, there is a time for popping an Ibuprofen/aspirin cocktail, drinking enough caffeine to kill most mortals, snorting some ammonia, and saying “eff it, let’s go!”.  But, day in and day out in training isn’t appropriate, nor is it safe.

Moving Forward

I’ve had to cut out all load bearing exercise since the Arnold.  This pretty much limited me so seated upper body work and some glute ham raises and band walks.  Here’s how training went this week:

Indiana State Strength Clinic Write Up

isu strengthAnother day, another clinic!  This time we were at Indiana State University for their one-day Strength and Conditioning Clinic.  Since Jason was very familiar with where we were going and who we were going to be around all day, I had a good idea of what to expect.  Even so, it was very well executed with a variety of speakers and topics. I was impressed!

Let’s get into it.

David Feeley – Inseason Training

First up was David Feeley, the director for strength and conditioning Ball State football. He spoke on in-season training and what works for their team. He emphasized that, while you may have the best plan in the world, the Head Football Coach, the Head Strength Coach and the Athletic Trainer must all be on the same page when it comes to that plan.  The ebb and flow of training in a demanding playing season requires a good deal of flexibility and the ability to completely throw away said plan and try a different one. (I think this is something every coach can learn from and relate to, myself included!)

Things To Look For When Hiring A Trainer Or Coach

Probably don’t hire the weekend certification guy…

One good way to make sure you keep accountable to that New Year’s resolution to get in better shape is to hire a trainer or coach.  Hiring a trainer can be a very worthwhile investment that will help you stay accountable and get results faster and safer than going it alone.  The problem most people face when hiring a trainer is finding one that is a good fit for them.  It’s important to realize that fitness is one of the least regulated fields in the country.  There is no governing body that says who gets to be and trainer and who doesn’t.  Pretty scary, right?  So given this, I’m going to give you 10 questions to ask when hiring a trainer. 

The Why And How Of Warming Up

Warming up (sometimes called movement prep by those who wish to be fancy) is the act of getting ready for movement.  Warming up is critical for having a good training session.

Can you get by without one?


Can you get by with just doing some static stretches, bodyweight squats, and pushups?

You probably won’t die, but you may be inhibiting your awesomeness.

If your goal is to be a badass in the gym or on the field, then you’d better learn the why and the how of warming up!

Warm Up 101

A proper warm up will:

  • Efficiently increase core body temperature (makes muscles move better)
  • Activate the nervous system
  • Increase adrenal hormones (gets you “woke up”)
  • Decrease viscosity of synovial fluid (makes joints feel better)
  • Lengthen, strengthen, stabilize, and balance muscles
  • Prepare you for upcoming movements

12/27/2013 Hang Cleans and Log Press

Legs were a little sore from yesterday.

Pause Hang Cleans (below the knee)

Just working on getting under the bar fast.

155 x 5

200 x 5

245 x 3

265 x 2

290 x 1

310 x 1

335 x 1 – Was starting to get slow.  I attribute it to yesterdays squats and deads.  It may take me a week or two to acclimate

Log Press

all one motion up to 295

195 x 2

245 x 2

295 x 2

315 x 1

335 x 1 – again felt slow.

Timed Band Lat Pulldowns/Band Bicep Curls/Band Pushdowns

5 x :30/15/15


Meet December’s Client of the Month – Chase Williams!

Fitness AvonWhat made you initially choose Nunn’s Performance Training?

A customer from my place of work had mentioned to me that she had lost 60lbs as well as gained quite a bit of strength. I was looking to get in better shape myself at the time which led to a conversation about Nunn’s Performance Training. I think I made an appointment the very next day!

What have your accomplishments been so far?

So far I would have to say that my biggest accomplishments have been my strength and cardiovascular improvements. Since starting with Nunn’s Performance Training I’ve lost 15lbs and 11% body fat. I can do 10+ chin-ups at any given moment and run an 8 minute mile. My deadlift has increased by over 100lbs and this is the first time in my life that I’ve been able to squat without serious injury.

10/29 – 11/1 Training



235 x 4

270 x 2

320 x 3


485 x 5

560 x 5

635 x 5 – wasn’t feeling that great on this day, so I just did the bare minimum and went home.


Push Press

270 x 5

320 x 5

350 x 5

Press/One-Arm Rows

185 x 5/160 x 5 each

210 x 5/160 x 5

240 x 6/”

Three Way Shoulder Raises 5 x 10 each way


Power Snatch

165 x 4

200 x 2

215 x 2

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats x 5each/Vertical Pallof Press x 10 each

225lbs for 5×5 – After watching videos of my 400lb farmers last week, I think I need to work on my single leg strength and lateral stability.  I was wobbling quite a bit from side to side.