Meet November’s Client of the Month – Steve!

Steve Ernst


What made you initially choose Nunn’s Performance Training?

Prior to joining Nunn’s Performance Training, I was working out intermittently at another gym and I felt that my lifting form was less than desirable.  I was looking for a trainer to work on my lifting form and challenge me.  The minute I walked into Nunn’s Performance Training, I knew that I found a knowledgeable staff and intense gym.

What have your accomplishments been so far?

I am in better shape now than I have been for many years, the strongest ever, and lifting form getting better all the time.  I have been at the gym for over 1 year consistently and I hit new personal bests frequently.

How has your success in the gym impacted your daily life?

I have increased energy throughout the day and my years of chronic neck pain are gone.

Meet July’s Client of the Month – Dana!

Dana Schultz

What made you initially choose Nunn’s Performance Training? 

Before I started going to Nunn’s I was working out at another gym. I felt very lost in the gym and didn’t really know what I was doing, I also wanted to make sure my form was right to avoid any injuries.

What have your accomplishments been so far? 

I have been getting stronger every week and my diet has been much better now.

How has your success in the gym impacted your daily life? 

My success in the gym has impacted my daily life by making me feel more confident and I have a better self image.

 What are your future fitness goals?

I hope to be able to do a powerlifting competition and be strong for my size.


4/10/2014 Injury Update And Training Moving Forward

As some of you may know, I sustained 11 stress fractures in my left tibia in training for the Arnold.  Here’s two things I learned from this experience:

1.  Get smarter with your training – Training with pro level weights week in, week out worked for 25-year-old Jason.  Not so much for 32-year-old Jason.  I need to learn to block my training off better.

2. Don’t ignore pain – It doesn’t just go away.  Trust me, there is a time for popping an Ibuprofen/aspirin cocktail, drinking enough caffeine to kill most mortals, snorting some ammonia, and saying “eff it, let’s go!”.  But, day in and day out in training isn’t appropriate, nor is it safe.

Moving Forward

I’ve had to cut out all load bearing exercise since the Arnold.  This pretty much limited me so seated upper body work and some glute ham raises and band walks.  Here’s how training went this week:

2014 Arnold Amatuer World Championships Write Up And Videos

This past weekend I had the privilege of being a part of Team USA at the Arnold Amatuer Strongman World Championships.  It’s pretty cool to think about stepping on the field and competing against some of the best amateurs the world has to offer.  I believe there were 35 competitors from 15 different countries.  All the events were very heavy, as you would expect, and bordering on the limit of my abilities.  Here’s how it went:

210 Pound Dumbbell Clean And Press For Reps

The dumbbell felt pretty good.  I was consistently hitting 3 or 4 reps in training and was hoping for 5 or better at the show.  I ended up locking out 4 but was unstable on the 4th so only credited with 3.

Indiana State Strength Clinic Write Up

isu strengthAnother day, another clinic!  This time we were at Indiana State University for their one-day Strength and Conditioning Clinic.  Since Jason was very familiar with where we were going and who we were going to be around all day, I had a good idea of what to expect.  Even so, it was very well executed with a variety of speakers and topics. I was impressed!

Let’s get into it.

David Feeley – Inseason Training

First up was David Feeley, the director for strength and conditioning Ball State football. He spoke on in-season training and what works for their team. He emphasized that, while you may have the best plan in the world, the Head Football Coach, the Head Strength Coach and the Athletic Trainer must all be on the same page when it comes to that plan.  The ebb and flow of training in a demanding playing season requires a good deal of flexibility and the ability to completely throw away said plan and try a different one. (I think this is something every coach can learn from and relate to, myself included!)

Things To Look For When Hiring A Trainer Or Coach

Probably don’t hire the weekend certification guy…

One good way to make sure you keep accountable to that New Year’s resolution to get in better shape is to hire a trainer or coach.  Hiring a trainer can be a very worthwhile investment that will help you stay accountable and get results faster and safer than going it alone.  The problem most people face when hiring a trainer is finding one that is a good fit for them.  It’s important to realize that fitness is one of the least regulated fields in the country.  There is no governing body that says who gets to be and trainer and who doesn’t.  Pretty scary, right?  So given this, I’m going to give you 10 questions to ask when hiring a trainer. 

2013 NAS National Championships Write Up and Videos

I competed in Nationals this last weekend in Denison, Texas.  Here’s how it went:


Day One:

325 Axle Clean Once, Then Press For Reps

In training, I’ve been hitting between 6-8 reps.  I hit 7 here.  I think this tied me for 5th place.

Wheelbarrow Load Medley

This was aweful!  We had to carry a 230lb keg 75ft and load it to a wheelbarrow, carry a 250lb keg 50ft and load it, carry a 270lb keg 25ft and load it.  After that, you had to push the entire apparatus 75ft back.  This was definitely a gasser.  The biggest problem for we wasn’t the weight, it was just running out of air.  Thinking I had time to drop and regrip about 10 feet from the finish, I did and ran out of time.  I finished the event 10ft short.

Meet September’s Client of the Month – Amy Bergstrom!

Fitness AvonWhat made you initially choose Nunn’s Performance Training?

My dad has worked out with Jason for several years.  About 2 years ago he decided to offer a fitness program through his business, and as an employee of the family business, I got to take advantage of the plan.  I wasn’t seeing the results from aerobic classes that I wanted to see and decided to give strength training a shot.


What have your accomplishments been so far?

Even though I haven’t seen a big change in the number on the scale, I’ve seen a big change in my body.  I wear a smaller size, and get lots of comments on “the amount of weight” I’ve lost.  Just goes to show it’s not about the number on the scale.  Plus, I can do a chin up on my own and I’m pretty sure I can deadlift more than my husband.

Guest Post: Kristin’s Perform Better Notes And Write – Up

Chicago Perform Better Summit

I recently got the opportunity to attend Perform Better’s Three Day Summit. I was a little nervous to get started but once we were there and underway, I was too busy to be nervous! To say I learned a lot is an understatement and it was a great, informative weekend. Here’s what happened!


brain weights.jpg

Oh The Brain Workout


Alwyn Cosgrove – Training the Executive Athlete

Alwyn started off my conference experience and, after reading many of his articles online, it was awesome to hear him finally speak.  The ‘executive athlete’ that he refers to is anyone who used to be an athlete or who use to be fit and wants be that again.  Those people can come to your gym already in shape and wanting to take it to the next level or it could be a fat loss client that needs a new challenge or goal.

Chicago Perform Better Summit Write Up

This past weekend, Kristin and I attended the annual Perform Better Summit in Chicago.  It was very informative, but like many of these, it’s kind of like drinking out of a fire hose with the amount of information given.  Here’s how it went:

Perform Better Chicago

Pretty much, what it’s like.

Thomas Plummer – Personal Branding For The Fitness Professional

Thom Plummer started out the conference for me with his usual foul-mouthed awesomeness.  Here’s some of the notes I took during his talk:

  • You should spend 3-6 hours per week with your phone unplugged just working on your personal and business brand.
  • You should have a controllable public identity or brand.
  • If you don’t control your brand, everyone else will.
  • You are always judged by your personal brand, bad or good.
  • Decide which niche you can dominate and do it!